About Us

Specialized in providing infrastructure for the decentralized web.

Dwellir Purpose

The Shield in our logo is a tribute to local cultural heritage, often found in Nordic literature and artifacts, linked to values of Safety and Strength; the chain represents the blockchain.

Our Purpose is to Protect your human right to private property, privacy and freedom in the blockchain era by means of deploying our Strengths: Technical and Operational Expertise.

Blockchains Secured

Datacenter Installations

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Why partner with us?

The pioneer Swedish Proof of Stake infrastructure provider.

  • Top Infrastructure

    Privately operated Infrastructure in datacenters with high specification on availability and security.

  • Verified

    Dwellir is in the Web3 Foundation Thousand Validator Programme for both Kusama and Polkadot.

  • Expertise

    We are highly experienced IT professionals, crypto entrepreneurs and developers.

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