Why stake with Dwellir?

Dwellir’s mission is to build a strong decentralized internet. Ethereum and Polkadot connect to that vision and that’s why we have invested long-term in those networks.

Our founders have a long track record of staying true to that mission.

Our team of expert developers builds continuously on our systems to constantly protect and strengthen them.

For the technically interested, this is how we architect our systems from a high-level perspective:

  • Dwellir systems run in multiple independent sites with at least T1 classification.
  • Dwellir re-deploys constantly (weekly or daily) to improve and develop.
  • Dwellir uses multiple independent ISP:s to interact with the Ethereum and Polkadot network.
  • Dwellir owns a private data center to ensure independence from a third party.
  • Dwellir develops only free & open source software for maximum transparency and security.
  • Dwellir strives to contribute to the community, making it stronger every day.
  • Dwellir legal zone is in Sweden, known for its legal stability.